Last night’s workshop for the Downtown Crawfordville Plan stirred something in me.

I was told that to be successful in business, one must always listen first. Given. Understood. I get it.

But last night I changed. After listening to endless pontificating and spirited debate I decided to put my two cents in with a verve I didn’t know I had or at least I forgot I had. It was time to lead with my voice. Not by shouting over someone or by opining till I was blue in the face. I simply said what I thought and listened for the reaction.

My wife and several friends have always attested that I do have the ability to speak eloquently when I’m really passionate about something. One friend even said I was a genius that needed to be heard. I don’t know about that but that kind of flattery does give me the confidence to move forward.

A step forward by stepping back.

The business blog.

This is the place to start again. A platform to be heard and to listen. A place where I can solicit feedback about things that may be very right or very wrong. An incubator for great ideas. All work bolstered by a new confidence that lifts the veil between business and opinion. 

A new commitment.