In case you haven’t been following the CPSIA uproar, start here at Overlawyered for commentary and links, links, links!

In the meantime, here was a funny I came across from a comment by Heather Idoni on this post .

In the town of Beddubble, far out on the Moor,
there lived a small tot, who was not more than four.

Little Annabelle Ruth (her close friends would recall)
had swallowed the string off a dilly-dunk ball.

And then in the Spring of two thousand and one,
she died of the thing that the string must have done.

They were sure of this fact, though the details were thin —

“Something HAS to be done, we have GOT to begin!”

Those dilly-dunk balls that tots spin on a string
are quite dangerous toys — What a horrible thing!

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