For those who aren’t even Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans you may want to tune in to the Bucs-Raiders games today. Sure there are playoff implications: if the Bucs win and the Cowboys lose, the Bucs go to the playoffs as a wildcard.

But more importantly than that is the fact that it will be Monte Kiffen’s last game as a Bucs coach. This one man revolutionized modern defensive strategies in the NFL with his signature Tampa 2 defense now common throughout the league. Next year he will be joining his son, Lane, at the University of Tennessee in hopes of undoing the losing tradition of recent times thanks to Fatboy Fulmer.

The same old orangesicle Bucs of the past were replaced by probably one of the strongest core of coaches with Tony Dungy at the helm. Since then several defensive assistant coaches have gone on to bigger and better things including head coaching positions.

But since Dungy could not string together the perfect season, the Glazers replaced him with Little Napoleon himself – Jon Gruden. Yes in his first year he won the Super Bowl but with Dungy’s team. (For all you Gruden trolls out there it’s finally time to admit that fact.) But since that glorious season the Bucs have struggled on and off. Last year being a good example of stumbling in to the playoffs only to get smacked around by the eventual SB Champ NY Giants. Gruden was rewarded with a contract extension.

Little Napoleon is his own, selfish, self-righteous man. An ego-maniac who has single-handedly transformed the Bucs into a team I no longer recognize. Now with the departure of Kiffen, the possible retirement of Brooks and Barber, and the ascension of the young and inexperienced Raheem Morris to defensive coordinator the transformation of my once beloved team will be complete.

Who’s to blame? The absentee Glazers only interested in ManU asses-in-seats figures? Maybe. The fans willing to put up with Little Napoleon in hopes that one day we would have that impressive offense he had under Gannon in Oakland? Maybe. Allen the puppet GM? Maybe.

My vote is for the tantrum-thrower. The excuse-maker. The screamer. The snarler. The berserker.

Hell, even Napoleon’s own people eventually exiled him.

I think I’d like to see Gruden on Elba, too.