For those of you who were actually under the belief that I would cast my vote based on a WordPress poll, I’m sorry for the ruse. The poll post only meant to serve as further proof of my recent argument posited under the post 24 Hours Of Facebook: An Aside. I am quite satisfied that my point has been made.

Before I give my official endorcement for the candidate seeking to become the next President of the United States, let me first share with you the things I will NOT be voting for:

  1. All amendments on the ballot. I do not believe in the public ammendment process. The purpose of the Florida Congress is to legislate. Ammendments usurp that process and, worse, let the politicians off the hook for doing their jobs.
  2. All Florida Supreme Court Justices who are up for what is essentially a “confidence vote”. Same argument as above. I believe judges at all levels are to be appointed by the executive branch and confirmed by the legislature. If this somehow punishes “good” judges, so be it.

The debasing of the electoral process in America is bad. Really bad. I’ve outlined this in the previous posts. Instead of really, trully seeking “Change” Americans are being fooled deeper into the Hobbesian Leviathan.

“Insofar as the individual wants to preserve himself against other individuals, in a natural state of affairs he employs the intellect mostly for simulation alone. But because man, out of need and boredom, wants to exist socially, herd-fashion, he requires a peace pact and he endeavors to banish at least the very crudest bellum omni contra omnes from his world.” Friedrich Nietzsche, On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense

bellum omni contra omnes“, by the way, is Latin for “the war of all against all”. Sound familiar?

Bob Barr - Libertarian Party Candidate for President

Bob Barr - Libertarian Party Candidate for President

I have decided to endorse and vote for the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States Bob Barr.

This decision was somewhat difficult as I believe Barr is only a recent commit to the LP and his only real political noteworthy accomplishment is heading the House impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton. I know, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

However, I think Penn Jillette, in an interview with David Weigel at, helped bring me back to the Libertarians this year:

reason: You said in 2007 that [1996 and 2000] Libertarian candidate Harry Browne was “as crazy” as you were, and thus was the perfect candidate. What did you mean?

Penn Jillette: Bob Barr is not crazy enough for my taste. Harry Browne had a kind of purity to his craziness. I couldn’t find anything in Harry Browne’s platform or his books that I disagreed, which didn’t seem exactly right in a presidential candidate.

Bob Barr is good guy. His conversion, I believe, is sincere. I believe all of that. But once in a while you want that Obama factor, of a guy who grabs your heart, like a rock star. Barr doesn’t do that for me like Browne did. Still, you know, there’s no trait we should celebrate more than changing one’s mind.

I was a staunch Harry Browne fan because of this positive “nut” factor Jillette refers to later in the interview. I, too, sincerely believe that for the most part Barr subscribes to the Libertarian agenda.

Since winning the Republican nomination, I have been against McCain for one reason and one reason alone: McCain Feingold. This fundamental abridgement to the First Ammendment (IMHO, obviously not the activists on the US Supreme Court who have upheld the constitutionality of it) prevented me from ever, ever, considering McCain seriously. Lo and behold, years later we have 529s running the show and things have gotten worse. This one issue boiled down to my fundamental libertarian philosophy and, as such, I decided this morning to adhere to my loyalty of this philosophy and vote politically based exclusively on it.

No, my Bob Barr vote is not a vote against one of the two major party candidates. And, no, it is not a wasted voted any more so than vote for the losing party candidate. In fact, my vote — in the face of all I have been discussing about these past few days — (I’d like to think) is a vote of courage and principle. Can those that vote for Obama or McCain trully say that to themselves?