Rutherford B Hayes Rutherford B Hayes

The above title comes from a banner used in a Pro-Hayes demonstration by Harvard University freshman on October 26, 1876 and reported by the Boston Daily Advertiser, October 27, 1876 (hat tip: Edmund Morris, The Rise  of Theodore Roosevelt).

Some Significance Of This Date

  • In attendance at the rally was Harvard freshman Theodore Roosevelt, born October 27, 1858…150 years ago to the date.
  • You think the 2000 Presidential election was bad?! The Hayes-Tilden election was decided by 1 electoral vote and a congressional commission. The country was divided, partisan, and raucous (“His Fraudulency” sounds familiar). 8 days from now we may see something similar.
  • Founding of Amsterdam (1275) and Philadelphia (1682)
  • The first underground New York City subway line opens (1904)
  • NASA launches first Saturn 1 rocket (1961)
  • The Big Bang deregulates UK banks (1986). Now Congress seeks to re-relegulate US banks. Dodd and Frank are still getting away with it.
  • NYSE mini-crash kicks in its circuit breakers for the first time and closes the market early (1997). Why am I seeing a pattern here?

Some strange parallels.


  • Captain Cook (1728). No, not the bad guy from Peter Pan.
  • As mentioned before, Theodore Roosevelt (1858). McCrazy, you are no Teddy!
  • Edith Brown (1896) – that old lady from the Titanic. No, not Kate Winslet.
  • Dylan Thomas (1914). The poet you can understand, not the slurring poet also known as Dylan.
  • Sylvia Plath (1932), another poet.
  • John Cleese (1939). Though he hasn’t done anything noteworthy since Fish Called Wanda, he’s still a funny guy (over on twitter).
  • John Gotti (1940). Not funny but that is a funny mug shot.
  • Dick Trickle (1941). Race car driver with a funny name
  • Lee Greenwood (1942). American jingoist.
  • Roberto Benigni (1952). Funny Italian actor who starred in one funny film that wasn’t so funny Holocaust film.
  • Simon Le Bon (1958). Famous singer, not so famous yachtist.
  • Matt Drudge (1966). Even if you don’t like him, you gotta appreciate the fedora and bow-tie combo.
  • Scott Weiland (1967). Singer, Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. “I am, I am, I am” still in rehab?
  • Brad Radke (1972). Decent MLB pitcher who I only mention because of the fact he went to my alma mater (Jesuit High School) and was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin…birthplace of another one of my friend. Strange eery conincidence, that’s all.
  • Brady Quinn (1984). Listed as an American football player but really only known for being the poster-boy of all 2007 NFL draft rags only to have his name finally called at #22 by the Browns. After several hours of looking dapper in his new duds with a babe around his arm, Quinn disappeared for a few lonely hours looking dissheveled. I reckon his girlfriend cheered him up or kicked him to the curb. Either way, it made for one of the finest draft day spectacles ever.
  • Finally, Dr. Dilger and Erin Easterling give birth to not one, but two daughters on the same day. No not twins. Madelyn was born in 2005 and Amelia born today (2008). I’m sure Brad is busy calculating the astronomical odds between feedings. Congrats to both happy parents!