While doing a quick check of one of the sites I occasionally visit — entrepreneur.com — Firefox 3 redirected to this:

Thinking somehow the Intel Mac had somehow been comprimised I googled antispywaremaster mac firefox and saw the comments of this blog.makezine.com post.

Phillip Torrone commented:

As some of you already discovered, we were regrettably the victim of some malicious code in an ad campaign that caused unapproved pop-ups and may have impacted certain browser functionality while visiting makezine.com. We believe we have identified and eliminated the problem.

The majority of our campaigns are sold and processed by Federated Media, who have proven to be extremely reliable in screening for such code. However, this campaign was not placed through FM, and unfortunately, we did not discover the code until it was live. Our profuse apologies to those of you who were impacted. We aim to do better.

Makes you wonder which advertiser this could be coming from. Ugh, what is the world coming to?! As someone who consults clients in online advertising, this isn’t something I want to see proliferate across the Net.

The simple solution is to close the window directly. Don’t click any of the links.