The folks at Mozilla thought it would be a good idea to push down 3.0.1 to us 2.x users without telling us. One thing that really tans my hide is when a software vendor does something without asking for permission. I had several extensions I use that aren’t 3.x ready. Thanks to Mozilla I guess I’ll have to wait for them to become automatically available from the developers or go to the developer’s sites directly and manually install them.

What’s more, I rarely (read NEVER) install the first iteration of new software. I will wait for the jump to x.1 before dipping my toe in the water. BS promises of speed and reliability are hardly ever true and the vendors know it. Take it from a former M$ junkie/support person — never upgrade until you absolutely must.

Mozilla…think next time before you act!

Update: Hmm, though I’m still critical of the unsolicited update, Firefox 3.0.1 does seem a bit faster. Just waiting to come across something unstable and have the damn thing blowup.