All in all, I think Hillary Clinton’s concession speech was pretty good. I really lowered my expectations for the speech going in to last night because I had heard pundits on both sides over-analyze the crap out of what she was going to say and she should say. It’s what you get when you flip between NPR and talk radio for the hour-each-way commute from home to town.

The pundits really did get it wrong before and after the event.

MSM (especially MSNBC) thought she did a fine job of leading her delegates to Obama. Obviously, the CNN reporter babe didn’t screen the above interviewee before going live. Sing it, sister! Your party screwed you but, hey, you’re just a woman. (Geez, I’m gonna hear it soon.)

Fox and the right-wingers were thinking it was a failure. Apparently Clinton didn’t gush enough over Obama to satisfy them last night. Of course, the idiots don’t realize they gave her and the Obama campaign a gameplan for winning over the hearts and minds of middle America…you know, the one’s that were turning out in droves for Hillary during the latter half of the Democratic primaries?! Obama promises Clinton a cabinet position, say Sec. of Health, she goes out and stumps for him saying what a wonderful leader he is, what a trustworthy commander in chief he will be, etc and all of a sudden their argument against her (and thus, Obama) becomes moot.

Tonight Billy makes his official entrance and exit (apparently he’s not sticking around for Barack’s acceptance speech) of the 2008 DNC convention. After he’s done soaking in the ovation and admiration of his former denizens one last time, he and Hill will be kicked to the curb of Democratic politics faster than their ascension in ’92. Hell, even Teddy ain’t gonna be around for long and once he’s gone the new radicals — more extreme than their ’68 brethren — will be paddling the raft up you know where.

Lucky for the new Dems, the Republicans have no clue. McCrazy turns 72 on Friday.