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TS Fay - Crawfordville, FL 8/22/08 11:00 AM

Well, TS Fay is sloooowly making it’s way to the panhandle. This slow bugger is dumping heavy rain all over the place. The winds aren’t too bad but you never know. The greatest fear is the saturated ground causing trees to uproot with one good stiff wind. We have 3 tall pines around the house. I shudder to think.
The only real inconvenience will be being stuck in the house all weekend. The 2008 Wildwood Open was canceled so it’s going to be a good weekend of cleaning and playing Star Wars Legos on the PS2.


4:00 PM Friday – rainfall of 2.5″ since the morning
11:00 PM Friday – rainfall of 2.5″ since last measurement; 5.0″ total; some wind gusts of about 20 MPH
7:00 AM Saturday – rainfall of 2.5″ since last measurement; 7.5″ total; light, constant wind gusting to 20 MPH
12:30 PM Saturday – rainfall of 2.25″ since last measurement; 9.75″ total; stronger winds gusting to 30 MPH
4:45 PM Saturday – rainfall of 2.00″ since last measurement; 11.75″ total; mixed winds gusting to 30 MPH; tornado warning just east of house from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM
7:00 AM – Sunday – rainfall of just .25″ overnight; 12″ total; little wind; seems most bands of wind and rain are passing to the east and west of us; I guess we’re in a magic tunnel of weather resistance