Mollie pointed it that it has been several months since I posted. Sorry. Life has been getting in the way and the dog days of summer draw little inspiration.

However, it’s not that nothing has been going on:

  • 2008 World Yoyo Contest is over. 60 hours of work in 4 days — my body has been reminding me since. Still, awesome press coverage from CNN, the NYT, FSN, AP, and many other outlets. Pretty cool.
  • Mo and Olie have enjoyed their summer vacations though Mollie did put in extra time with her school. I’m sure it wasn’t much of a vacation for her.
  • Football season is nigh. The Bucs won their preseason opener in steady fashion. Nothing to get too excited about except that in 3 weeks we’ll have the regular season and life will be good again.
  • There are daily articles on this years FSU football team over at Sadly, they sound like the same fluff and hype we’ve had for the past 7 miserable years.
  • Been watching the Olympics quite a bit. Really addicted this year. Michael Phelps chasing 8 golds is a feat I would love to see in my lifetime. He (and his teammates in the 4×100 freestyle relay) has been smashing world records on every gold swim. What an amazing story. Oh, and of course, he’s a Wolverine.
  • The Rays, Red Sox, and Cubbies have all looked good this year. My only fear is a Rays/Cubs World Series. First sign of the Apocalypse.
  • I have been able to delegate many of my day to day duties at II to Jake and Amy. They have been building up their responsibility but we still have a way to go. In some ways I’m having them vie for true management status. I was telling Mollie that my triad of I’s for an effective manager are intuition, inspiration, and innovation. I hope to write a series of posts on these individual demands of a good manager in the next few weeks.
  • Erin Go Bragh!!! Padraig Harrington won his second Grand Slam championship this weekend in solid fashion beating the pink-pantied Sergio Garcia. Harrington is may easily take the FedEx Cup if he keeps playing with this consistency and concentration. There’s hardly a better putter on the tour in the absence of Tiger.
  • While Paddy turns it on, my golf game has been going backwards since climbing into the mid-80s. The Wildwood Open is in less than two weeks and I have several bad habits coming back at the wrong time. Currently I’m scoring over my handicap and that’s a bad thing to be doing with a tourney coming up.
  • Brick Launcher has been quiet. I thought web dev and marketing would be a fairly recession-proof industry but as I’ve discovered, the first thing to go when a client’s ledger sheet tightens up is the marketing budget. Unfortunately, I have yet to convince my clients that a consistent approach to driving content is in their best interest and, when done effectively, produces lower costs and higher ROIs and that their web presence doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the marketing budget. I’m sure things will pick up soon.
  • Olie turned 5. Man, where have the years gone. He’s communicating a lot more — in good ways and bad. Parenting is still the full-time job you never feel like your appropriately compensated for. But I do have to have faith that we’re doing the right thing, teaching him the right things, and maybe someday we’ll sit back and truly enjoy being a parent. I just wish it was happening sooner.
  • Got a new puppy…a mini-schnauzer named by Olie as Harry. He’s just like raising a toddler except he yelps instead of cries. Cleaning up the poo and pee. Training him to behave. Playing with him. This brings back memories.
  • Our yard is starting to finally come around. Still have patches of dead spots. It’s still the best looking lawn on the block in this sandy soil area. I figure I’ll have about 2 pristine months and then winter will start to set, the grass will go dormant, the leaves will fall, and I’ll have to start the whole thing over again. Well, at least the weather will be cooler.
  • Speaking of the weather…We’ve had a fairly pleasant summer, I think. Sure there have been days of sweltering heat but only a handful of them have been 95+ degrees. The rain has been consistent enough to keep the air clean and the dust down. So much for global warming — at least in Wakulla County.
  • Finally getting to the point of accepting Wakulla County as home. Getting more interested in the local civic, business, and social aspects that make this county unique from Tallahassee/Leon County. Wakulla is really drawing a distinction between her and her neighboring county. A nice one, too. All A schools?! Leon can’t touch that. Even the commuters — of which I am one — are starting to come around to identify themselves with Wakulla rather than that county to the north. If we had a better place to congregate than Wal-Mart it’d be nice but one step at a time.
  • Drawing less time from the Net. Summer seems to be a dead-time for tech news and other things that interest me. Not making excuses for avoiding blogging but I just haven’t been that inspired.

Nuff for now. Still a few other things I wanted to mention but I should save them for later. Well, hopefully sooner rather than later.