Weebly.com screenshotI wrote about Weebly before but I wanted to give an update of a Weebly site I enabled for a friend that’s now out there for all to see.

Tom and his family are selling their house in Havana, FL and he really wanted a simple site to showcase the home. Enter Weebly. I created the account for Tom, selected the design, arranged the pages, uploaded some content and pics, and, voila, a simple site. Then we took advantage of Weebly’s domain registration and registered homeonapond.com to point to the new site. After some content tweaks here and there, we’re both quite happy with the site.

So if you have a friend or family member looking for a really, really easy hosted web site creation tool, I cannot recommend Weebly enough. And if you’re looking for a house in Havana, FL…well, you know where to find one.