Just came across weebly.com, a free, hosted CMS/blogging engine with a slick AJAX editor. It’s a perfect quick site generator for those who may have family or friends that want something a little more sophisticated than Google Pages (and others of that ilk) and a lot less retarded than MySpace and FaceBook. You can even throw your own domain on it via their registrar for a measly $25 and not have to worry about setting A Names via GoDaddy, etc.

Another couple of nice features Weebly offers:

  • Video integration via YouTube and Google Video
  • Flickr slideshow integration
  • Google Maps
  • Dozens of clean designs
  • Support for custom HTML (ahem, WP.com – are you paying attention?)
  • Contact form submission to email
  • Ads for those that want them
  • Feed reader
  • RSS creation

All of this under an easy to use interface that even Gramps could figure out. It’s probably not the most powerful CMS/blogging engine out there but it is certainly one of the easiest. A friend of mine needs a quick site to showcase his house for sale. I was able to throw up 90% of the work and register a domain in less than an afternoon. Too cool. When his site is finished (he still has to get me content and photos) I’ll post a link update on this post.

Only one real geeky downside: the XHTML generated fails the W3C check. Oh well.