Took a quick glance at the old WordPress blog stats today to see which keywords were coming in via search. Helps to see which random topics random strangers are interested in. There are a few in there I do not wish to disclose as they are not suitable for a younger any audience. Suffice it to say that I do not have any posts here regarding <<scratching my head>> the “how-to”s of using devices to be enjoyed by two consensual adults behind closed doors.

But I was surprised to see “chuck robinson” in the keyword list.

Of course my first reaction was “Oh, geez, who’s trying to find me?!”

To find out how in the world the seemingly common name Chuck Robinson — well, not as common as Charles Robinson (I’m the IV, by the way); Google results 282k vs. 16.4k — led to, I googled my name with and without quotes:

  • With quotes – Google page 1 listing 7
  • Without quotes – Google page 2 listing 1 (11 overall)

Not sure what this means for me but I’ll try to think positive for now. Maybe it’s one of my long lost high school chums trying to track me down. Or a relative I’ve lost touch with. Perhaps I met someone recently in my business passings and they thought highly of me.

Ah the beauty of anonymity exposed.