I implemented a post to WordPress del.icio.us bookmarks via xml-rpc feature and was wondering what others thought. Annoying? Helpful? I know if you are subscribed to the fnerd feedburner feed then it’s redundant. I will turn off that feature if most readers are just getting the regular fnerd.com feed.

Comment or email whatever.

Update: Instead of waiting for comments, I just surveyed FeedBurner to discover a small number of subscribers. As such, I removed the Link Splicer for del.icio.us so the bookmarks will no longer appear in my FeedBurner feed. For those aforementioned subscribers, you may want to switch over to the regular fnerd.com feed in order to keep up with my bookmarks. That or subscribe directly to the del.icio.us bookmarks at http://feeds.delicious.com/rss/fnerd