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Forgot to blog this a week ago:

Steve Wozniak’s frustrations with iPhone, Apple TV and MacBook Air

It seems the Woz and I share beefs.

I guess I haven’t blogged about the wonderful dual-tuner Tivo HD we installed and have been enjoying since Steve Jobs let me down in January. And it’s not been because I’ve been watching too much TV. In fact, just the opposite.

For years I’ve heard people rave about Tivo including my brother to whom I actually gifted a Tivo for Christmas a few years back (correction: I gave him a DVD player a long time ago. Sorry for the poor memory Sean). In fact, I won’t even go in to a complete review because you can find countless reviews on the Net. What I will say is that thanks to Tivo I can:

  • Watch TV on my time
  • Serendipitously discover new programming that Tivo “suggests” correctly a little more than 50% of the time
  • Record every Woody Allen film that comes on even when I don’t know they’re airing
  • Watch slideshows and listen to music on the home entertainment gear via my Mac
  • Download or rent Amazon Unbox vids
  • Pull recordings off the Tivo and on to the Mac to burn to DVD or move to Mo’s video iPod
  • Placate the 4.5 year old when he insists on watching nothing but The Backyardigans for 2 hours straight

Mind you, I do have a beef with how long it takes to convert a .tivo file into .mpg for burning or .mp4 for iTunes/iPod playing. More of my computers fault for being slow but something a little less proprietary would have been nice. Also, once you copy (then delete) a recording from the Tivo you can’t put it back on the box when you want to see it again. Grrr. However, I did get this nice little ditty from TWiT’s MacBreak Weekly No. 79 “Louder Than Bombs” (hey, a Smith’s reference!) podcast: the Neuros OSD.Neuros OSDThe OSD is essentially a digital VCR. You play your DVD, Tivo, cable TV, etc (whatever can output a signal via composite out) through the OSD and out to the TV. You can then record whatever’s going through, encrypted or not! Great for backing up legally purchased DVDs, etc. For the recording media, it can use practically anything that can be hooked to a USB port: external hard drive, thumb drive, iPod, etc. The media has to be FAT32 so you can’t go directly to iPod if you’re a Mac user. It records in .mp4 format so, yes, even a 2G thumb drive comes in handy. And the best thing of all? The OSD is a Linux box, of course, using Qt and completely open to modding (network slinging, etc). All this for a meager $160 – $180.Ah, geekness.