ab·stain (ăb-stān, əb-)
intr.v., -stained, -stain·ing, -stains.

  1. To refrain from something by one’s own choice: abstain from traditional political rhetoric. See synonyms at refrain1.
  2. To refrain from voting: Forty senators voted in favor of the bill, 45 voted against it, and 15 abstained.

So I gave up the hooch two weeks ago for Lent.

Since Easter is early this year, Lent started just after the end of football season. I figured I had few excuses to crack open the cold ones and could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Gotta say it’s been pretty easy going. Not that it shouldn’t be — it’s not like I’m an alcoholic. I don’t go to meetings.

It seems every year at about this time I try giving something up permanently. Several years ago I gave up red meat and have been content since. Other Lent promises were broken, however. I’m not perfect.

I’m wondering if I should ever drink again? More of a curiosity and a challenge to my will. Drinking killed my mother and her father. I certainly am hyper-sensitive to the role alcohol plays in one’s life.

Then why drink?

If I’m not missing it then should I start when Lent’s over or keep going?

Which brings me to the Libertarian Party.

What the hell? Chuck, where are you going?!

It’s only February and I’ve already come to the conclusion that none of the major party candidates deserve my vote.

Then why vote?

If I can’t back a candidate, then why vote this time around? Maybe I should abstain?

The Libertarians are working on selecting a candidate and getting their name on ballots across the country. The usual uphill battle for America’s third largest political party. I’m still waiting but I can’t say I’m as passionate about the candidates as I was about the late, great Harry Browne who I had the pleasure of actually meeting and speaking to. How many of you can say that about the candidate you’re considering?  Alas, all I’m really doing is hoping for an eventual loser.

I think I found my reason to drink.