My 2007 resolution to Get ‘Em Blogging is coming back to haunt me. It seems I keep breaking my own promises. Hell, I’m posting tonight just to make sure I get a post in before another month has passed. Meanwhile, everyone else continues to blog.

Yet again I’ll use the same excuse: TOO DAMN BUSY!

Chuck’s Incomplete TasksPictured left is just a sampling of the stuff on my ToDo list – about 1/10th of it. I’m starting to think that no matter how much I implement GTD, I’m not GTD! Well, I am but it doesn’t feel like it.

By the way, you’ll notice the “remember the milk” logo atop the list. For those of you who haven’t heard of it Remember The Milk has gotta be the best damn task list manager out there. Yep, even better than 37Signals Ta-Da Lists which I used in the past. (Don’t worry fellas, I’m still a Backpack and Basecamp Kool-Aid drinker)  The huge pros are:

  • Free
  • Unlimited lists
  • Smart, natural language entry – “Bank Deposit next Thursday” becomes “Bank Deposit  21 Feb 08)
  • Excellent UI with keyboard shortcuts for even more rapid entry
  • Reminders via mail, sms, IM
  • Smart Lists based on tagging or due date or almost anything

But the real biggies are:

  • Integration with Google Apps – Now my Gmail has a right column with task lists and I can add/edit/delete from there. And my Google Calendar has posted RTM tasks on given dates.
  • Offline mode – Install Google Gears and now I can use RTM offline. It updates itself when I’m back online.

Needless to say, RTM is a definite must see if you’re in the need of a quality task manager.

On the work side of being busy I’ve been throwing hammers at a new CMS called Graffiti from Telligent. As I think I’ve bitched about mentioned before, one of my clients runs a .Net/ASPX Window$ IIS environment. Of course, I come from the open-source LAMP, ROR, et al crowd so my experience with CMSs in this environment has been severely limited. Besides, you can probably count the worthy .Net CMSs on one hand and it will take you 2000+ more hands to count the dollars these things cost.

Enter Telligent, makers of the popular social networking/message board/etc system Community Server.

Graffiti uses an MVC architecture wrapped around a custom templating language called Chalk. Chalk derives from NVelocity which derives from Apache’s Velocity. It has a familiar logic if you’ve used other templating engines before but given that Graffiti is currently in Beta 2 the documentation flat out sucks and there are definitely bugs. However, in an email exchange today with the sales team at Telligent, I was assured that the final release is coming and that these shortcomings will be ironed out. It is an elegant and promising system. What’s more, it’s only $99 right now for a commercial license while it’s in beta. It goes up to $399 once it goes 1.0 but that’s still a huge bargain for the .Net CMS world. God-willing I’ll soon have my client entering in content on their own rather than me having to hard-code static XHTML.

That’s a little for now. Coming up I’ll be posting about:

  • Our new Tivo HD and how life got instantly better
  • My one-hour-each-way commutes and what I listen to
  • Podcasters seeking business models in a plateauing market
  • The NFL draft
  • Why I gave up booze for Lent and maybe longer
  • A GTD progress report
  • Please let the Libertarians put someone decent up
  • Anything random in between (I hope)

As always, you can take a peek inside my head anytime by subscribing to the RSS. Even when there aren’t any posts, you still get my bookmarks that hint at what I’m doing.