Apple’s MacWorld releases are getting to be like Star Trek films: every other one sucks. Maybe sucks is too strong a word. But disappointing fits the bill.

This year’s keynote from Jobs was probably one of the most anticipated ever. We knew an ultra-portable was coming. We suspected iPhone updates and SDK previews. We knew movie rentals were coming to iTunes. So when Jobs took the stage and confirmed what we already suspected, it was a bit of a letdown.

The thing I was really hoping for, and maybe it was too hopeful, was a Tivo-killer. Well, Apple TV Mach 2 was released (or whatever it’s called) and whoopdeedoo nada! How hard would it have been to add Cable Card and DVR functionality to this STB?!

I’m currently in the market for a replacement of our crummy Comcast Moto 6412 DVR that refuses to pump out HDMI, stutters like an imbecile, has about as much usability design in mind as a PC, a tiny hard drive, and no network functionality. But I’m cheap and so I’ve been balking at $13 a month going to Tivo.

I was sure that Apple was going to save me. But nada.

So MacWorld can come and go like Star Trek V. Maybe next year.