Update 1/14/07: Snapz Pro X has been unlocked. Snapz Pro X is an excellent screen grab/recorder and my wife is giddy about using it for training purposes. 

Pixlemator is the next to be unlocked and we still have 9 days.

I’ll never stop being amazed about how great the Mac community really is.

The newest MacHeist bundle has been posted. Like last year’s bundle $49 gets you some great software and 25% of that goes to the charity of your choice.

The apps that have caught this Mac user’s eye this year:

  • Cha-Ching – the Quicken killer. I hate Quicken from an aesthetics angle. Too boring and PCish.
  • AppZapper – I’m constantly downloading demo software and more often than not I end up deleting it. Unfortunately, even in the easy to use OS X universe, uninstalling apps isn’t always as easy as dragging the app to the trash. Many apps leave behind plists and other supporting files. AppZapper trashes them too in a fun and unique way.
  • TaskPaper – A simple yet brilliant to-do list maker. If you’re in to GTD and/or use 37signal’s Ta-da Lists then this app is for you. Plus you can export your list’s to the web, use TaskPaper with TextMate (as a bundle), and much more.
  • Finally, once 5000 bundles have been sold (about 500 to go at the time of this writing) CSSEdit gets unlocked. I already own CSSEdit and I’ve gotta tell you it’s the best css editor/previewer out there. Guess that’s why it won the Apple Design Award for Best Developer Tool of 2007.

The heist is on for the next 12 days but do yourself a favor and get in on the deal. Even if you use just one or two of the apps the $49 price is worth it. Give the other apps you won’t use to your significant Mac other. Charity all around.