I normally don’t sleep well enough to enter the R.E.M. stage of rest. Dreams rarely occur and “The overall impression of REM deprived person is of anxiety, insecurity, and being introspective.

A few months ago, the daily anxiety of my life finally hit an apex and I decided to see the doctor for an Rx regimen. Since then I’ve been able to roll with the punches a little more and more each day. But one of the biggest benefits of the prescriptions has been the increase in quality R.E.M. sleep.

Last night I had one of those beautiful dreams where I got to travel back in time – 15 years ago – to my early college days. In the past, if I did have such a dream it would have been short and filled with argument and/or confusion and frustration.

But last night’s dream was just the opposite. I saw and spoke with friends I haven’t seen much since we left college. They were happy, vibrant, young. Oddly enough, we were actually at St. SomethingOrOther in New York City and it was snowing. Hey, it’s a dream after all. But no matter, even the location was perfect. The dream lasted long enough that when I awoke I felt fulfilled, happy, vibrant,  and young again.

This morning I feel great. And now another blog post. I think I see a correlation.