Many thanks to Ryan Taraskiewicz, PGA Teaching Professional at Seminole Golf, for a great session on Saturday morning. I was the only golfer to show for their bi-weekly “Full Game Tune-Up” and I think a lot of other instructors would have canceled. Instead Ryan gave me a lot of one-on-one attention. He explained everything in clear, simple terms and “gets it” when it comes to teaching.

What we worked on:

  1. Pre-address. Ryan had me stand 10 feet behind the ball and align the intended shot by picking out aiming points.
  2. Practice swings. 3 good practice swings at full tempo in a row. Make sure club brushes the turf.
  3. Grip. Right hand thumb and index finger touching.
  4. Extend hands from body. Right hand should be able to swing freely between the butt of the club and the body.
  5. Swing. Exact same speed, power, and tempo.

The results were mostly positive. The fuller extension felt a little strange at first, like I was leaning forward too much and encouraging my right shoulder to dip at impact. But the shots were much more accurate and the distance was consistent.

Thanks Ryan. See you in two weeks.