whispy.jpgFKA believes CJ will go to Whispy and the Raiduhs. That’s his conspiracy theory.

Here are some of mine…

* Brady Quinn falls to Jax at 17. Even the worthless Vikes and Fins want no part of him. Putty tats now have a pair of Quinns.

* Vikes reach for Ginn when what they wrote on the card was “Gin”.

* Whispy passes on CJ and takes JR. Detroit take CJ. Gee, imagine where both these teams would be if they had actually drafted the way they were supposed to have drafted the past couple of years. Maybe the rest of us wouldn’t be in this conspiratorial mindset.

* Since the Cowardly Lions pass on DE Adams and take CJ, Yucs trade Simeon Rice to Detroit for Detroit’s second rounder. Bucs get DE Adams and then who the heck cares with 3 second rounders! Even with GruAllen’s poor draft track record, one of those dudes should be a Pro Bowler. Ray McDonald, Jarvin Moss, the entire UF D blah blah blah. Any Boston College meat?! Fact is, with 3 second rounders you can’t really go wrong.

* Fins trade Culpepper and a goodly number of their picks (they have quite a few: 1, 2, 2, 3,) to Oakie to get to #1 and select JR. Why? Their the Fish! They’re always just one QB away from the SB, right?! Whispy then squanders 2 1st rounders, 3 second rounders, 3 3rd rounders, etc. Why? They’re the Raiduhs! Draft hilarity ensues like an episode of Hee Haw…

Ladies and gentlemen, Father Bradley on vocals and Heathen Craig on empty keg.