How do the student citizens of Hogtown, FL celebrate their 3rd NCAA national championship? Without class, of course.

Hmm, it looks like the UM Canes have moved north.

This is the second year in a row where the “Berkeley of the South” (erroneously attributed to UF by some Gator yahoo who is too stoopid to realize that that moniker belongs to <<groan>> Florida State) has rioted in response to victory.

Sadly, this year’s rioting aftermath took the life of one of the Gainesville Police Department’s veteran officers.

Though the majority of UF students, grads, and fans (many of whom I call friend) are very good people, there is a growing arrogance of infallibility in Gator Nation. Heck, they nickname their Head Football Coach Urban Meyer “The Pope”. This lack of humility is only bested by UMiami fans, most of whom never graduated from a degree-granting institution.

Proof? Making the rounds on the Net this week was a post titled “Florida President unsure of what to do with Ohio State” attributed to Vern Jackson of the Gainesville Sun. I cannot track down the original post nor verify the author so I suspect it’s either a fraud committed by some Gitter homer or the Sun has taken it down in shame. A post over on the “Mud Lizard” message board has also mysteriously disappeared into the Web ether but thanks to Google cache we get a glimpse. I have only found the post on other message boards. Maybe one of my more honorable Gator friends can step up to clarify this.

The gist of the post is that UF now owns Ohio State University and that UF President Bernie Machen is having trouble deciding what to do with the acquired school. One of the suggestions is that displaced Katrina victims could relocate there.


But we’re getting used to this Gator Nation behavior. Several weeks ago UF’s Faculty Senate voted down the motion to bestow an honorary degree to former Governor Jeb Bush. Apparently Bush “diluted those resources and hurt the University of Florida in each instance” (Gainesville Sun, March 23, 2007) by approving the opening of three medical schools elsewhere in Florida. Apparently UF’s Shands Medical Center should be the only medical teaching facility in the state as the population of Florida grows and gets older?


Luckily, the Gator’s mens basketball team are champions in every sense of the word. A Tallahassee minister put it best this morning…

But for one shining moment, we should celebrate the fact that at least five student-athletes at the University of Florida understood that they were not “islands to themselves” but chose to be a part of something greater than themselves, regardless of the sacrifice.

Hopefully the rest of Hayseed Nation will wake up this Easter morning and resurrect this noble attitude and restore a greater sense of dignity to the University of Florida.

UPDATE: Wow, I don’t know if Gator Nation can ever restore its dignity after watching this…

Hat tip Loser With Socks