Well, it’s official. Brick Launcher LLC is now incorporated in the State of Florida and the necessary filing with the Feds has been taken care of as well. bricklauncher.com has been up for a few weeks now but it’s nothing more than a placeholder until I actually start practicing what I preach and put some valued content up. That’ll come soon once I flesh out all the services I am offering.

But for now I feel accomplished . It has taken me several years of thinking about doing to actually get to the doing stage. All of my other occupations — general manager at II, husband, father, independent consultant, etc — took up the bulk of my time. But once I got off the pot, things started happening quickly. It’s both amazing and terrifying at the same time but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

A few kudos are in order:

  • Greg for giving me the time and flexibility to embark on this endeavor
  • Courtenay for covering a lot of the extra work with great diligence and not one complaint
  • Ron for getting me to this point
  • Danny for all of his practical advice and encouragement
  • Laurie for leasing her spare bedroom from which I could operate my “office”

But a very special thanks goes out to my loving wife Mollie. Without her faithful, never ending support Brick Launcher never would have existed. Her encouragement and love gives me the strength and conviction to fulfill this little dream of mine. She is as much a part of Brick Launcher as I am.

Thank you Mollie. I owe you one.