Forgot to mention that I finished Erik Larson’s newest work Thunderstruck. The book was released in the fall last year (two days before my birthday actually) but due to the seasonal rush it slipped past my radar.

I had high expectations for the book. One of Larson’s previous books, The Devil In The White City, ranks up there as one of my all-time favorites. In Thunderstruck Larson uses the same successful formula of linking two different characters in time and place to create a rich plot. The setting of post-Victorian London becomes as much a living, breathing character as Marconi and Crippen. The result is a spellbinding page-turner that never tires or disappoints.

Highly recommended.

(I know. I know. Commercial links on Chuck’s blog. Fact is I got tired of my friends asking me “what was that book you mentioned?”. I decided that it’d be easier to link them right to Amazon and maybe make a penny here or there.)