Kathy Sierra has a great post over at Creating Passionate Users on employee passion for work vs company. A simple 4 question test found the center of my attention.

It occurred to me that the same test could be reverse-engineered and posed to a company’s customers:

  • When was the last time you visited the companay’s blog or forum?
  • Other than the owner, CEO, (etc) name at least 2 other employees that work for the company
  • Have you made several purchases with the company and enjoy coming back each time for a new purchase?
  • Would you work for the company?

These questions would shed interesting light on how passionate a company’s customers are.

If the passionate customer frequently returns to the company site for its latest news it suggests that the customer has a vested, emotional interest in the company and its products.

Exceptional customer service separates the good companies from the bad. A passionate customer will remember the names of the company representatives who have helped them in the past.

A passionate customer is a repeat customer and vice versa.

Finally, a passionate customer that would work for a company most likely already does work for the company…for free…in their marketing department!