I’m in love with istockphoto.com. It’s got a great business model and the images are high quality. The fact that they come from the amateur and some Joe makes a buck when I shop makes me smile.

That reminded me that I really need to take more photos this year. My parents were zealous in taking photos when I was little. Hundreds of them. At some point shortly after Sean was born the photo frequency dropped. Don’t know why but I do know that for more than 3 years the visual history of my family ceased to exist.

Therefore, I’m resolved to taking more photos — especially of Olie — in 2007. Yeah, I know Monica Gellar had a similar resolution (bleh) but it’s true: I don’t have enough pics of my loved ones.

One of these days I’d rather be drooling over photographic memories captured in time on cellulose triacetate rather than relying on the faulty DIMMs in my head.