Typed Blog2007. Newness.

Resolved: get my blogless friends and family vested in “the eBay” and get them blogging.

Goal: help them earn Time’s Person Of The Year honors by 2008.

Who? Why?

Mollie – no other person shares my life more and I often need a different perspective. Update: Mollie’s blogging.

Laurie – write…it’s good for you.

Ron – it’s missions critical and personal.

Savannah – it’s a story and a million times better than MySpace.

Ben – it’s not MySpace.

Sam – it gets you noticed.

Kenny and Todd – your customers need a reason to drop a grand on furniture.

Danny and Tracey – little things grow.

Fred – it showcases your music.

Sangeetha – it gives us Fred anecdotes

Sean – it needs to be said. Besides, you travel a lot.

Michael – Read. Then write.

Amy – it gives us Michael anecdotes.

Old Friends – I Google you, but where are you?

New Friends – I can’t wait to meet you.