Jeff and Bobby BowdenA horseless Bobby will trot into the sunset of his tenure with the Seminoles without his sidekick Jeff carrying him. At a press conference yesterday afternoon, the long-awaited resignation of Jeff Bowden became official. He will finish out the two remaining games on the schedule and possibly a bowl game though that opportunity doubtfully exists for the Noles thanks in large part to the OC himself.

The reaction around town has been tempered jubilation. Everyone is quite excited to finally have the change we’ve been calling for since God knows when but the hangover of the reality that the future of this program hangs in the balance cannot be ignored. Somehow, FSU will have to find a new OC and possibly several other coaches that are willing to work in the shadow of the elder pontiff that built Seminole football. They must also be willing to accept the fact that a new head coach will be in place in the next few years and therefore their positions would not be guaranteed. Finally, they must win immediately. Those challenges are not easy to overcome.

Look, we all know that this program is coming to the end of its long dynasty. The parity of conference play and Title IX restrictions have created a difficult atmosphere for any attempt at building a new dynasty. We’ve seen other legendary dynasty fade into the dusk while new ones have emerged seemingly overnight. It is today’s college football reality but it’s something we can at least accept without Jeff.