In Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry, Allen’s character Harry Block descends to Hell and is met by the Devil in Billy Crystal. They begin swapping sexploitations and we get this nice little Allenism:

The Devil: You ever fuck a blind girl?
Harry Block: No. That I never did.
The Devil: Oh…(smirking) they’re so grateful.

In Sunday’s Tallahassee Democrat we get this nice little Bowdenism:

Q: Your fan base seems to be rather impatient about it. [referring to the football program]

Bowden: You are not going to stop that, that’s true. But that’s true everywhere. When I first came here, we didn’t have that fan base. When I first came here, they would love to be 4-3. No, we’ve really had such good years that the people . . . I can nearly tell when I talk to a group, were you going to school here before I came or were you going here after I came? The ones before I came are very happy and thankful. The ones that came when we never lost, they are bad (laughing). The fan base . . . I don’t blame them. I can’t help that. As long as the university lets me run the football team, I will run it. And when they tell me they don’t want me anymore, it will be time for me to go. You want to win.

The younger fans have been insulted before. We’ve been called “EA Sports NCAA Football QBs” and whatnot. Our opinions have been dismissed quickly. But this is the first time we’ve ever been blamed for being born at the wrong time.

Two former prominent boosters sent letters to TK asking him to encourage Bobby to retire. Needless to say, the FSU prez did not comment. Behold, the Power Of Infallilble Bowden.