There’s a post over at TechCrunch discussing the private beta release of Coghead, yet another non-programmer development ASP that shows a bit of promise. I alway get kind of excited about these particular ASPs just because I want to see one of them turn programmers into shepards.

The comments to the post show the cultural divide between coder and manager in today’s business world. Why is it that coders always fear imminent extinction? Any time something new comes out that just might eliminate some of the programming overhead, the geeks freak and reel up on their heels in a defensive gesture. Instead of embracing new solutions to shave off precious time they castigate them with predictions of ineffectiveness or declare pompously that “they could’ve done this…but better”.

As a recovering developer, I now know that business logic will always trump programming logic. The former dictates to the latter. Sadly, I still meet several programmers who waste precious time and energy re-coding the wheel while rolling their eyes at the news of a beta launch. They don’t get it. That’s fine. Those that do will ultimately succeed and focus on closing the sale rather than trying to find it.