Holy crap. Spring and summer came and went and there was little in the way of side work to be had. Football season kicks off and as the toe was hitting leather it found it’s way to my backside, too.

Since my last post, I’ve picked up a side SEO gig for a site that terribly needs help. I’ve just managed to finish off the initial analysis/reporting/recommendation phase. I’m hoping the client is patient because there’s going to be a lot of stuff to cover. Luckily with a good plan in place implementation won’t be too bad. That and an agreeable sysadmin/coder.

Speaking of which, one of the reasons I have moved away from coding gigs to SEO and SEM is because I have come to the conclusion, for now, that the wheel has been invented approximately 90 million times since it inception. A cart is a cart is a cart. I hope I never have to read another O’Reilly book on the newest language out there and how to build a cart/catalog system with it…let alone build or tweak one.

I’ve also enjoyed discussing the business end of e-commerce a lot more for the past year. Mo (and others) seems to think I have a knack of translating the tech logic to business logic. You know what that makes me, though? > A consultant. Regardless, it’s a new position I don’t mind being in as it has given me a lot more flexibility to move back and forth between both hemispheres.

Finally, I’ve already mentioned how Shopify kicks ass.