It’s Labor Day and that means two things: I’m at work and tonight is the FSU-Miami game. I have to say that working on Labor Day the past 4 years hasn’t been that bad as it provides enough of a distraction before the big game. My liver thanks me as well.

This past weekend kicked off the 2006 college football season and so far it’s been a good one. From South Carolina-Mississippi State on Thursday to Kentucky-Louisville last night it’s almost like that same great feeling you get around the first of the year. Actually, a case could be made that despite the fact that most teams are knocking off their rust by playing lower caliber teams this weekend is much more entertaining in that we wake up tomorrow to what is to come rather than what might have been.

Speaking of what might have been, this is the 15 year anniversary of Wide Right I. I don’t which scares me more: the fact that it’s been 15 years or that Wide Right has a Wikipedia entry. But for the first time since 1991 I actually have an optomistic outlook for tonight’s game. Miami players have certainly helped things along with their suspensions, et al. In fact, the lines read the game as a dead matchup when you factor out home field advantage. I’m thinking that if FSU can put up 7 early in the 1st that that should be enough cushion for the rest of the game. If the Noles can just pound the ball — which will be tough vs. UM’s front seven — and play enough containment on D then the Canes will not have enough to pull ahead. One final hope is that Baby Bowden has a dozen or more new pages in his playbook, especially those targeting our TEs.

So my prediction: FSU 21 Miami 17