Michael Arrington at TechCrunch posts some not so good news about del.icio.us usage (visits/page views) since April. Apparently the popular social bookmarking site is suffering in the ratings and Arrington is appealing to the Yahoo-owned site to “dazzle” us soon.

I think mainstream users will want to use del.icio.us, just as they are starting to embrace flickr features for photos (and which have been rolled out in Yahoo Photos as well). Some users call for a redesign…something flashier and bolder. I don’t think that’s the answer. Easier bookmarking and better tools for sharing seem like the right direction to me.

I agree, to a limited extent, that some new features may appeal to larger audiences though I don’t know how much easier the bookmarking and sharing of links could get. Arrington points to BlueDot as a site with more mainstream appeal. I cringe at the mashup of MySpace-esque social networking and Del.icio.us-eque social bookmarking rollups because I think they blur the utility of each respective service. More on that later.

I’m wondering if Arrington might want to do an Alexa dance on some of the other social bookmarking sites to verify if the trend is isolated to del.icio.us or if it’s web-wide. As CBD posted several months ago, del.icio.us clones are becoming quite ubiquitous.