Dandelife Screenshot

An interesting new site called dandelife.com has entered public beta. Techcrunch gave it a cautionary writeup based on the fact that “[U]sers will be able to make their stories available for branding by corporate sponsors bidding for content.” Feh. That kind of thing has never bothered me. When I was a kid I worked for McDs and they made you sign a waiver agreeing to the use of your image in any promotional campaigns. I figured if somebody thought my image or my story was worth anything, they can buy it. Hell, I’d even stick it under Creative Commons if they wanted. I did like this one comment from the crunchies: “Finally, the chance to see my life story made into a Preparation H case study!”

Anyway, back to site. I went ahead and signed up for it and started populating my own timeline to see if I could jar some old facts loose. I was able to come up with the most important dates in my life, as well as the name of most of my grade school teachers.

The timeline is decent, however it isn’t quite up to the Ajaxian slickness of MITs Simile timeline project. Also, I can’t quite understand why some dateline headings are BIG while others are not. Inserting items into the timeline is blog-like quick and painless. RSS and tags are supported and obviously encouraged. TypePad, Flickr, and YouTube tie-ins extend the usefulness. I’m hoping that an API will soon be available to let others pump up the app.
Me thinks this would serve as a good retro-writing utility in that it forces the author into the past whereas WP and others seem to be used more for the now and tomorrow. There are still some minor bugs here and there but I would encourage anyone to give it a shot.