Climb OlieOlie’s surgery on Monday morning was a success…sort of. His adenoids and tonsils were removed and tubes were inserted into his ears. That part went smoothly. However, in post-op recovery the little guy had a real difficult time coming out from under anesthesia much to the concern of the anesthesiologist. In fact, he had to be given an adult-sized dose of narcotic-reversing agent to snap him out of it. I’m not exactly sure how close of a call it was but the doctor was really concerned. Between that and the fact that he wasn’t taking liquids we decided to keep him overnight.

By the way, hospital time has got to be the slowest time on earth. I think overnight translated into four days.

Back at home, Olie has been recovering really, really well…for the most part. He hasn’t been too sleepy or complained about pain. I bought him a balloon with Nemo and company on it and he immediately took to it like he never had surgery. His little voice isn’t quite there yet, but he does try to speak once in a while. However, his fluid intake yesterday was low and he was violently fighting taking his medicine. We had to resort to guerilla tactics to get him to take the stuff. This morning he’s a bit better and his energy level is pretty much back to his normal high speed. I’m banking on him being well enough by tomorrow so that I can return to work and not have to worry about he and Mollie.