It’s funny how sometimes the world syncs with you.

I just enjoyed five days and four nights sans mother and child. I had several goals I wanted to accomplish including posting up some stuff that’s been stuck in my head. Alas, I only GTD’d a couple of things. The good news is that we now have a dining room set where the family can gather for dinner and I can work on programming (et al) at night. The living room is finally a bit more organized to boot.

However, I wasn’t able to tackle any new RoR code for the II site redesign. I also didn’t make any headway into one of the new ERP systems I need to test (MoneyWorks, to be exact). I’m hoping that with that very table I’ll at least have a place to bury my head and focus on that stuff. We’ll see.

Geez I gotta hurry up. FSU v Miami is only 70 days away!

Oh, but my bathroom’s clean, too.