The King is dead. Long live the King.

Ol’ King Ass and I had a few pints last night at the Leon Pub. At first we fnnrr’d about football and the housing market. He and his better half have ambitions of moving to the Denver area some time next year. I couldn’t resist pointing out the enormous jump in housing prices they would face. Unlike Texas, land in the mountains is scarcely cheap. I also had to gibe him about the lack of cultural diversity in Colorado and their persistent referendums to exclude one group or another from society. And, finally, I reminded him that events like Columbine and racial tensions make for a bad society to raise a kid in. Oh well, he’s hung up on the mountains.

Somehow we got to discussing the economic growth and impact of the new China and India. Ol’ King Ass is convinced that we’ll soon be overtaken by the two. I suggested that China would have to have a cultural shift in order to continue its growth. The fact that they are excelling in the areas of bio-science, engineering, and technology is given; however, despite government reforms the majority of the people are still not permitted to seek new avenues of cultural and economic growth outside those areas. My case in point was Google. Normally an average netizen in the Western world has the opportunity to self-explore whatever they wish to learn…be it a new business or research for a project. Google China, however, is severely crippled by censorship enforced by the very same government that Brent thinks is promoting their people. That example is the typical juxtaposition of what the ChiComm government wants for its people and what it allows for the same. In my opinion, the two cannot mutually exist AND prosper. Something would have to change at the government lever (more reform and liberalism) or the citizenry would need to remove barriers themselves, probably violently.

With that said, the King still refused to step back from his conviction that China will overtake us relatively soon — 50 years — and we poor dolts of the Western world will have no response. As I dropped him off back out the house, I ordered him to go back and (re)read Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Hopefully that will cure him before he decides to overspend on housing in Colorado.