So I spent the majority of the weekend shooting off emails to potential Ark team members who I covet to have on board. Gotta say that every response so far has been positive so I’m pretty excited that the project has a solid scaffold in terms of labor and enthusiasm.

The biggest nod came from CBD whose efforts in life I have admired and whose work stands at the forefront of writing, accessability, and usability. Now all I have to do is convince him there are a lot of other cool things to do out there besides rhetoric and homebrewing.

Amy A is also excited about building the Ark. She, like myself, has been frustuated by career limitations for over a year now and is entering the state of hopelessness. We exchanged a number of emails over the weekend and I hope this aside will encourage her to seek new avenues.

Finally, King Ass is in town along with his better half to help his mother-in-law dump 15 years worth of dust-covered knicknacks stored in the garage. Poor Ms. Maher has declining health and will be moving into Westminster Oaks, a wonderful assisted living campus here in Tallahassee. It’s a top-notch facility that I’ve been encouraging my mother to consider. Hell, I’d move in there in a sec.

After a day of taking things to the curb and refereeing between his wife and her sister, the King’s going to join me at the Leon Pub for a few quiet ones and some fnnrr. Quality.