So after being inspired by Getting Real, I got an idea for a site I hope to kickoff soon. In today’s day and age if I mentioned what it was it’d be stolen faster than a Honda Civic. So in the meantime I’ll just blog about the progress of building the Ark.

Yesterday I told my boss that I had an idea for building a skiff to be implemented into our existing community website. I figured the skiff was going to be a useful implementation for not only our customers but for our future customer service reps who often have a hard time getting across the river. Well, the reception of the idea was less than enthusiastic. He declared that this sort of thing was already out there and there was no reason to build another one. Mind you this is the typical reaction from this man when presented with any idea HE didn’t think of. Total Theory X boss.

Somewhat despondent yet still resolved I went forth thinking about my skiff. And then it occured to me…instead of just a teeny little boat, why not build an Ark?! Why just make a skiff that only fits a pair of good ideas when I could build an Ark that holds dozens. Closely gaurded, I asked some of my fellow employees what they thought about the idea. The reception this time was warm and excited. Without further ado, I started collecting the tools needed to build and set up the scaffolding to begin. I also sought out others to help me build. I’m hoping I can get this thing going shortly (using Getting Real as a blueprint) before it starts to flood.