So the new Panera Bread in Tallahassee opened its doors a little over a week ago and I’m sitting here for the second time, this occasion with laptop sucking bandwidth as I do a local install of RoR and RadRails.

I was hoping that my second visit would be a lot more pleasant the first. My initial visit was with family in tow as Mary Lou and Sean were up visiting for Olie’s Baptism. That was quite an outing. The folks behind the counter were having kickoff problems, everything from where the fruit cup key was on the cash register to keeping an order straight. Olie was impatient and so was I. At least I could say the coffee was good.

But today I hate to say that the folks still don’t have their act together. Never keep a coffee customer waiting (see Starbucks success). After waiting for the stupid cup to pour my own coffee (at a $1.79, tho free refills) I turned to see that the self-serve coffee counter was trashed and the available java was less than acceptable. Reluctantly I filled my cup with what they had: some sort of hybrid nut thing. I headed on over to a table in a quiet corner and plugged in my iBook. Gratefully I hopped on their free WiFi net (take that Borders) and was pleased to be riding at a decent speed. Checked email. None. Damn nobody loves me. I’m sure I’ll get something from Greg soon.

Then the first sip of coffee. Blech. Lukewarm and overflavored with whatever the nut was. Oh well, did I mention the free high speed Wifi?