Since Monday I have been dealing with some sort of pinched nerve or one hell of a strained muscle in my neck. It has varied from excruciating to moderately stiff but tiring all in all. I don’t know exactly how I came under this suffering but I suspect the injury resulted from a cocktail of stress and sleeping on a makeshift pillow of stuffed animals. Nothing really has helped. I’ve tried all forms of pain killers and anti-inflamatories including, but not limited to, Advil, Tylenol, and beer. A heat pack has helped some but it’s really temporary. I’m hoping that this weekend may help me recover.

The good news about the pain was that it kept me on the couch a full day this week. Layed out, I decided to pick up and read a great book: Agile Web Development With Rails by Dave Thomas. It is an excellent introduction to Ruby on Rails and the beautiful thing about it is that you can parallel read about Ruby while going through the tome. The Rails framework has to be one of the finest I have come across so far. It’s power and flexibility rival some of its costly rivals like WebOjects and Struts. The book is so well written that I was able to read it cover to cover and absorb 90% of the material without having to sit in front of a monitor and hammer out code just to get the hang of it. If only other programming books were written with such clarity.

I imagine I will be taking on some test projects with RoR once I have a decent sandbox set up. My web host announced recently that they now run Rails, but the setup is all wrong and the db connectivity is choppy. I also just got Greg to install the framework on PD, but it too needs some configing before I start developing. But soon, soon, I hope.