Well, I’m no Les Stroud but I did manage to survive the Official White Trash Holiday known as Draft Party Weekend. For four days and three nights I nourished myself on gallons of Guinness and pounds of fried turkey, ribs, and various other artery-clogging delicacies. Top that off with limited sleep and a lot of fnnrrin and its a wonder I’m here back in Tallahassee.

Got to give a big thank you to our host C.R.A.I.G. the Heathen of Gainesville for the hospitality in opening his house to us losers to destroy. Of course, with the Bucs draft, he had plenty of cannon fodder to throw back at us as his way of saying “you’re welcome”.

We tried off and on on Saturday to establish an iChat video link to varying degrees of success. Gotta say that the technology still has a long way to go as Madelyn looked like a very pixelated baby and I’m sure she came out of her mommie’s tummy much cuter than that. Even the sound quality was poor and quite delayed. A 3000 mile piece of string and 2 tin cans may have done a better job. Back to the board on that one, Steve.

The Bucs draft, I thought, was decent and solid. Perhaps we took 1 too many TEs or DEs and not enough LBs but you can never argue with meat. We also got a surprisingly good (I hope) QB that might just compete for a roster spot. He definitely sounds like a Gruden-type chucker. Also, the CB from Penn State we took a flyer on in the fourth was a steal. He should be able to fight for that nickel spot and give the Barber/Kelly camps less to fight about come contract negotiating time post 2006 season.

I guess my biggest question mark in the draft was OT Trueblood or “Felicity” as the Heathen likes to call him because “Trueblood” reminds him of a Romantic Heroine of Victorian yore. I didn’t see anything at the Senior Bowl that made Felicity worthy of a 2nd. I also don’t recall him dominating vs. FSU and it’s premier DE Wimbley. I think I may have some game tape on BC that I will have to go back and watch. Nevertheless, my expectations are low. After all, all he has to do is beat out Pinyatta.

Next year we’re thinking of doing the DPW in Macomb, IL. Not quite sure how Mrs. Easterling feels about this but Madelyn will still be too young to suffer any kind of permanent mental impairment as a witness to the brutality of 5 men acting like college juniors again. But how in the world does one get to western Illinois…