Once again there’s too much junk floating around my head. With Easter weekend here and the draft in 2 weeks, it seems I can’t keep my brain from remembering even the basic things I have to do let alone focus on just one thing. This has been bothering the hell out of me for almost a week now. What’s worse, I’m feeling the panic of not feeling focused…like I’m forgetting something constantly.

Well let me take a stab at jotting down some of the junk in my head…

  • Mollie’s conversion mass on Saturday night (what to do with Olie)
  • Easter Mass
  • Ordering at work
  • Rewriting the shipping system
  • Learning Python
  • Tuesday parent meeting with childcare
  • NFL draft weekend
  • Olie’s baptism mid-May
  • Mother’s day

I’m sure there are at least a dozen other things plaguing me that I can seem to put on paper and out of my mind. I really need to go back to that GTD stuff.