The glorious devolution known as Draft Party Weekend is officially less than 3 weeks away. King Ass is flying into Jax on Friday April 28th where he’ll be greeted by yours trully. From there it’s an hour and a half to G’ville to storm the Heathen Hut. Mo and Child follow the next morning with or without Susannah in tow.
I’m not sure if C.R.A.I.G. trully knows what he’s getting into. He has been putting of preperations because of the Gators run to the national championship. Stoopid basketball. Now I fear his focus will return to his school crap and liver recovery. We’ve been warning him to be good to his woman lest he be sleeping in the backyard for a week after the draft. For the unknowing, the DPW can be a daunting experience that tortures the present and wreaks all havoc with the future.
I usually obsess over the draft this time of year. It’s what bridges the winter of days from the end of January till Spring. This year, however, my obsession has been a little more under control thanks to the bazillion tasks at hand. The hidden reward to the distractions is that I also haven’t obsessed over who the Bucs will be drafting with their first pick. That means at number 23 (yes, my lucky number btw) I get a little surprise. Same goes for the following six picks over the remaining 40+ hours of draft goodness.
If I can keep up the distractions till then I may totally oblivious of the Bucs intentions.