Well, after a relatively short wait I’ve become one of the lucky ones to score a Google Pages account. I’m really only interested in it from a testing standpoint. After my conversion to gmail I wanted to see if GP was going to be as successful.

Getting started was easy. The GP creation pages are akin to many other WYSIWYG creators out there making it simple for the simpletons to post pics of baby or drunken orgies. Site management is also straightforward.

The real meat I wanted to get to was the advanced programming tech of CSS and JS. Alas, the GP creation frontend previews JS just fine (I did a quick iframe test) but when the page is actually published…nothing. Oh well. I did read somewhere that others have used offline editing and posted their pages up and GP did accept JS and other fancy things. Interesting.

Then came a bit of a shocker from the GP newsgroup that I hadn’t thought of: since your subdomain is your Google user account (ie mcnerds.googlepages.com) what’s to stop a phisher from pulling all the subdomain names and just adding “@gmail.com” to be published to a spam list? Apparently nothing.

Then I bravely decided to go forward. My reasoning is that I’m sure Google is aware of this and hopefully has included anti-phishing measures into GP, right? Well, only time will tell and I’m willing to risk the goodness of my own account to beta for it.