Odeo (odeo.com) is an ASP that allows you to post audio clips to your own channel via Flash. From there you can share it with others or open your channel to the world. Robust tagging, RSS, and podcasting functionality too. The folks who run it are indicating that the API will be up soon. Once that happens I’m sure the mashups will be endless.

In the meantime, I think there are several possibilities to integrating Odeo into the existing world. A couple of them…

  • Teachers can post lectures
  • Voicemail for a blog
  • A voice-based message board
  • Podcasting for the not so tech-savvy

That’s just to name a few.

I did encounter one bug already. I was testing the embedded recorder on fnerd (here). The message was recorded and I was able to play it back on fnerd. However, when I went to my “inbox” at odeo I could bring up the message but no audio. Further, I couldn’t share the message either getting a funny error page from Odeo. Shot off and email to Odeo and Crystal Taylor wrote back saying she was looking into it.

Errors aside, I’ve been poking around some of the channels. 43 Folders, Make, and Engadget are all represented. Most of the channels are probably using Odeo as a library of external podcasts rather than doing any recording through the Odeo Studio itself. Fine and dandy as Odeo does an easy job of aggregating those things, too.

Finally, you can dial in your posts via phone. A bit of a stretch but I guess you could do a complete blog via phone during your morning commute to work or school. The quality wasn’t half bad.

Speaking of quality, the sound clips sound better than expected and load quick enough over a broadband connection.

Think I’ll be toying with Odeo more this weekend. Wondering if my workplace II can use parts of it.