Well, still no excuse as to why I haven’t blogged. Lately I have been coming across a lot of things to write about but little in the way of motivation to get me to do it. I was actually trapped at the house for 2 days last week and even that window of opportunity was stuck shut.

I guess I’m failing to practice the number one rule of writing and that is to practice writing itself. Instead of lamenting the emptiness, I’d like to enumerate some things I’d like to tackle in the upcoming posts. These are…

  • Faith vs. Trust – the difference between the two and how to distinguish it
  • March Madness – why this month is different among others in my life
  • Recent Florida lobbyist reform legislation that has a direct impact on the Tallahassee economy
  • A memorial post to my father
  • Sim economies and the metrics of intellectual property
  • Irony vs. Coincidence
  • How Saint Patricks day always comes and goes

Obviously some of these I will not be able to blog about before their relevancy fades. I wonder if there’s a date hack for WordPress?