NFL’s Economic Model Shows Signs of Strain (

“Whether you are a small market or a large market, you have to manage the business like any other industry, controlling costs, getting value for the money you spend and being sure you are giving your customers a quality product,” Kraft said. “If we don’t maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, then our league will die.” Kraft added, “We should have a revenue sharing system that preserves what we have always been doing, but I don’t think there should be any free lunches.”

First off, Kraft isn’t a genius. Well, he is but not in the context of this post. The owner of the New England Patriots simply knows the basics of economics and that’s why his team does well on the field and in the coffers.
Compare that to the folllowing about Gene Upshaw’s beliefs…

Upshaw said during a recent interview that if some owners are mismanaging their franchises, the NFL should fix the problem. “I told Jerry [Jones] in Detroit, if they have some owners who are non-performers, they should do what they do to . . . players, and cut them. The revenue sharing has to be solved. They have to be creative and find a way to make this work.”

Those are quite different opinions on how the NFL should be managed as a whole and individually.
The funny (or sad) thing is is that this article was posted in January of 2005. A year later and a lot of owners still don’t get it. To add fuel to the fire, the players union chief rep doesn’t get it either.