– NFL – Pasquarelli: ‘Bloody Thursday’ looms over NFL

“In past years, you’d see a lot of guys released who maybe still had some name value, but who were really in decline in terms of production,” said one AFC team executive who was working late Tuesday, trying to figure out how to pare down a prohibitively bloated cap figure. “This year? People are going to be stunned — not just by the quantity of players who are cut by Thursday, but by the quality, too. It’s going to be ugly. There’s going to be blood in the streets and, compared to past years, it’s going to be from some bluebloods, guys who can still play.”

Thanks Pasdajelly for such fine reporting. Journalism 101…shock and awe. Is this an article for ESPN or Al Jazeera?

It is clear now more than ever that ESPN has become the bullhorn of the NFL owners and league officials. After all, ESPN has as much to lose as the owners if the CBA can’t be extended. It’s not that they’re misreporting the facts, it’s the way they structure stories that appeal to base emotions of the most important commodity: the consumer.
Pasdajelly goes on to list the doomsday scenarios of an uncapped year such as a lockout and a “nuclear winter” (his scare quotes, not mine).
What a tool.